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October 2010 Newsletter


From the Chairman:


Consider joining your fellow AIChE members for a tour and presentation from Chief Technology Officer, John A. Kassebaum, Ph.D.,P.E. and President/CEO, William R. Kassebaum, P.E. of Stellarwind Bio Energy on Wednesday, October 27 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. To get further details on the bioenergy from algae company go to their website at Stellarwind Bio Energy is located at 8440 W. 82nd St., Indianapolis, IN 46278. There will be a dinner after the tour in the local area covered by the chapter for camaraderie and to encourage participation. 


We need to know how many to accommodate for their presentation, so please contact your local AIChE Chairman, to place a reservation for the tour if you expect to attend.  Dr. Alan Dale Schmidt, at, 317 233-5190 day work, 317 695-5741 cell phone.


OIL from Algae

In 2008, the U.S. imported 4.7 billion barrels of oil.

That year, 29 million acres of corn and soybeans, planted solely for bio-fuels, produced only 3.17% of our imported oil needs.

Using Stellarwind Bio Energy's algae production technology, 100% of our foreign oil imports could be completely eliminated using only 20 million acres of land.



Coming up Saturday, November 6, your local chapter will man a display for national chemistry week from 10 Am to 3 PM at the Children’s Museum. Please contact your Chairman, Dr. Alan Dale Schmidt, if you can stop by and help for a couple hours.  Several Chemistry is a Blast presentations by Eli Lilly in the auditorium and other chemical displays are an added incentive for that day. We expect hundreds of children to pass through and complete a puzzle on chemical related activities in Indiana prepared by your past Chairman, Tom Leas.


In the previous newsletter a presentation was announced by your Chairman at a November Scientech meeting, but that has been changed to a later date to accommodate another speaker with limited flexibility. 


The September 7 AIChE meeting was an enjoyable networking and planning event with excellent Chinese food.  Members also enjoyed an idyllic stroll around Lilly Lake in Eagle Creek Reservoir with scenic views of the lake, deer, geese, and forest. Regular attendees were joined by Russell Nix a new staff engineer at Eli Lilly, and his fiancée, Brittany Hasler, a 2009 Purdue university graduate who was looking for an entry level chemical engineering position in the area.


December will be a break from AIChE activities, which will resume in 2011. If you have a suggestion for a speaker or a tour possibility in 2011 please contact your Chairman.  Our current Indianapolis section of AIChE Vice-chairman, Jonathan Adams, has moved to a chemical engineer position in Ohio. Please indicate your interest in filling the local AIChE Vice-chairman position by contacting your Chairman by the Oct. 27 meeting. Your help is needed in planning the local group activities and continuing leadership into 2011/2012, please provide suggestions to your Chairman.


Dr. Alan Dale Schmidt at   317 233-5190 day work, 317 695-5741 cell phone