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November 2007 Newsletter

Editor: Kevin Keating


Next Meeting – January 2008  --  Program To Be Announced


Date:   Thursday, January 17, 2008  (Tentative date)


More information to follow … see the next issue of the DISTILLATES!

From the Chairman …

November 3, from 10 AM to 3 PM, local AIChE volunteers will be manning the AIChE table at the Children's Museum for National Chemistry Week.  We have three, head-height, zip up, back drop chemistry and chemical operations photographs from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), a chemical operation blue print, and some silly putty to be used with color newspapers for a fun example of chemistry and chemical engineering serendipity.  At least your Chairman, Dr. Alan Schmidt, Past Chairman, Tom Leas, and Editor, Kevin Keating will be assisting.  We will be enlightening the children on what chemical engineers do.
Michael Wertz, a project engineer at Heritage Environmental Services, has volunteered as Vice-Chairman of our AIChE chapter.  His e-mail is mike.wertz at heritage-enviro dot com.  We welcome his assistance with the local chapter.  Back in 2002 Heritage Environmental Services had a nice Indy race car display and photo opportunity at the welcoming reception for the AIChE Annual gathering here in Indianapolis.  We had an AIChE tour of their waste processing facility years ago.

The Monday, October 22 joint meeting with Scientech presentation by Dick Shire on the Future of Nuclear Power, A Potential Turning Point for US and Global Energy had extensive photographs, diagrams and interesting technical information.  The Scientech summary noted there are currently 104 commercial nuclear power plants operating in the United States.  Electricity derived from nuclear power currently totals about 20 percent in the US.  Enriched uranium is formed into ceramic pellets.  One pellet, the size of a human fingertip contains energy equivalent to 1,800 lbs. of coal or 150 gallons of oil or 17,000 cubic feet of natural gas.  Renewed interest in nuclear power is driven by its lack of harmful emissions, abundance of locally available fuel, and increasingly attractive cost per kilowatt hour.  There are over 30 nuclear plants in the US currently under consideration.
We typically leave December open for family activities and will be planning an AIChE tour or speaker for January, 2008. 

Dr. Alan Dale Schmidt

Chairman of the Indianapolis Section of AIChE

aschmidt at indy.net  317 233-5190 aschmidt at idem.in.gov


Call for Officers – Indianapolis AIChE

We are also looking for members who would like to become officers for the 2007-2008 year including those wishing to start the climb to the role of Section Chairmanship.  There are committee chair openings, if you can help or have an interest, the officers will help you with a committee.


Highlights from AIChE – Our 100 Years Anniversary


Informative and motivating sessions on group dynamics and team building, communications, goal setting, delegating, and presentations will be part of the upcoming 100 year celebration of chemical engineering.  Visit the www.AIChE.org  web site to find information, visit forums, renew membership or find benefits, career listings, and other advice from our national headquarters. Current items include;


Job Hunting?
CareerEngineer is still the only job posting system built exclusively for chemical engineers. New listings appear daily. Be sure to visit CareerEngineer at http://www.aiche.org/apps/careerengineer/index.asp.



Also from AIChE National


·         SBE's First International Conference on Stem Cell Engineering, January 20-23, 2008, Coronado Island Marriott Resort, Coronado Island, California.  "From Benchtop to Bioprocess" Quantitative molecular, cellular and tissue-based approaches are revolutionizing biology. 


·         2008 AIChE Spring National Meeting … Celebrating 100 Years … April 6-10, 2008, Hyatt Regency New Orleans and the New Orleans Convention Center, New Orleans, LA.   Highlights of this meeting will include:

o        The 2008 AIChE Spring National Meeting will feature joint programming with the American Chemical Society (ACS) 

o        The 4th Global Congress on Process Safety featuring the 23rd CCPS International Conference, the 42nd Loss Prevention Symposium, and the 10th Process Plant Safety Symposium

o        The 10th International Conference on Microreaction Technology (IMRET)

o        The 20th Annual Ethylene Producers Conference

o        11th Topical Conference on Refinery Processing  


·         2008 Process Development Symposium  - June 22-25, 2008 - Jiminy Peak Resort,
The Berkshires, Hancock, MA


·         2008 Ammonia Conference - September 7-11, 2008 - Hyatt Regency,
San Antonio, TX


·         2008 Annual Meeting - November 16-21, 2008 - Philadelphia Marriott & Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA


Fellow Chemists:  The Indiana Section of the American Chemical Society is proud to announce its newly refurbished Indiana Section Website… http://membership.acs.org/i/indiana/index.html



Year End Celebration



Science and Engineering Presentations:
Scientech meetings are held nearly every Monday at the Children’s Museum. They begin at 11:30 am with a buffet luncheon ($9.00). Announcements and introductions are at noon, followed by the presentation which continues to 1 pm.

Calendar of Events


Some meetings may be replaced with a tour of some place of interest, usually on a major holiday. Any exceptions are noted in the calendar listing below.



Following are the Scientech meetings scheduled for the near future:

Monday, November 12 - Construction of Lucas Oil Stadium - Robert Fuller

The facts and challenges in constructing Lucas Oil Stadium


Monday, November 19 - Civil Air Patrol: Who, What, When, Where, How, & Why - Richard Upton

The CAP, an auxiliary of the US Air Force, is an all-volunteer organization mandated by Congress to support the USAF and Homeland Security for Disaster Relief, Civil Defense, Search & Rescue, Aerospace Education, & Cadet Programs. These roles will be discussed in some detail.


Monday, November 26 - D. J. Angus - Scientech Foundation - George Cunningham


Future Talks;

December 3 - Heart Rhythms - How the Beat Goes On
December 10 - Tour of the Oswald Mineral, Fossil, & Gem Collection
December 17 - Annual Club Meeting and Election of Officers
December 24 - No Meeting



For further details contact Dr. Alan Schmidt at(317) 233-5190 or 865-3545.  For later Monday programs check the Scientech calendar at www.scientechclub.org   



Officers for 2007 - 2008


Alan Schmidt, IDEM, 317-233-5190


Michael Wertz, Heritage Environmental Services


John Elliott, IDEM, 317-233-0703

Past Chairman

Thomas Leas, IDEM, 317-234-4051

Scholarship Committee



Chris Burcham, Eli Lilly, 317-651-6437

Professional Development

Elizabeth Robin, Eli Lilly, 317-651-6437

Government Relations

Alan Schmidt, IDEM, 317-233-5190


Karl Schnelle, Dow AgroSciences LLC, 317-337-3140

Student Chapter Advisor

Becky Smith, Eli Lilly, 317-277-6509

Public Relations

Becky Smith, Eli Lilly, 317-277-6509

Newsletter Editor

Kevin Keating, Eli Lilly, 317-651-1698