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January 2011 Newsletter

Editor: Kevin Keating


January Meeting – Plant Tour and Presentation – with Caroline Karanja at Organic Power Solutions (OPS)  


Date:  Tuesday, January 18, 2011. 


Schedule:  4:30 to 5:30 PM for Tour and Presentation -- Dinner and Networking will follow the program.


Description:  Please plan on joining us for our first meeting of the 2011 Local Section Year!  The program includes a Tour and Presentation at Organic Power Solutions.  OPS converts waste to energy, as a result, valuable by-products that are capable of producing electricity, such as syn-gas and bio-char, are created. Revolutionary technology, talented management, and a total commitment to sustainable change - That's OPS.  A dinner is planned after the tour with expenses covered by the chapter for local members.  You can find additional information for this meeting below following the From the Chairman… section.  As always, spouses and guests are welcome to join us, so please mark your calendars now.     


Location:   OPS is located at 1428 West Henry Street, suite E, Indianapolis, IN 46221 

RSVP:   Please RSVP to your Chairman, Alan Schmidt at alan.schmidt at att.net or call 317-233-5190 day work or at his cell phone  317-695-5741.  Please provide your name, company, and telephone number to make a tour reservation or to cancel if your plans change.


Price:  To encourage attendance, the meal cost for local AIChE section members will be covered by the local section.  Prospective members may join the local chapter through the dues statement of the national AIChE or by paying our treasurer, John Elliott, $11 to join the local chapter.

From the Chairman …


Consider joining your fellow AIChE members for a tour and presentation arranged with Caroline Karanja at Organic Power Solutions (OPS) from 4:30 to 5:30 PM on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.  As described further below, OPS has innovations in pyrolytic technology to achieve renewable energy.  OPS is located at 1428 West Henry Street, suite E, Indianapolis, IN 46221.  The demonstration will include a tour of the facility, a presentation on OPS, and we will be able to see their 250 lb per hour system process feedstock.  Their conference room presentation space is limited so please e-mail your chairman at alan.schmidt at att.net or call 317 233-5190 day work or 317 695-5741 cell phone to make a tour reservation or to cancel if your plans change.   There should be enough room, but if the tour capacity is exceeded I will maintain a waiting list to call or we may try for an additional tour at a later date.  A dinner is planned after the tour with expenses covered by the chapter for local members.  People may join the local chapter through the dues statement of the national AIChE or by paying our treasurer, John Elliott, $11 to join the local chapter.


Our local AIChE Vice-Chairman, Jonathan Adams, has moved out of state, so your Chairman is actively entertaining volunteers expressing interest to fill the position.  The Vice-chairman is a member of the local executive committee, helps along with other members on chapter activities, and could shift to the chairman position for June 2011 to 2012.  Your Chairman is experiencing some significant long term family health issues and could use some help.  Don’t think your local AIChE chapter activities will always be here for your pleasure if you are not willing to help some.


On October 27, 2010  Chief Technology Officer, John A. Kassebaum, Ph.D.,P.E. and President/CEO, William R. Kassebaum, P.E. of Stellarwind Bio Energy provided a fascinating tour of their pilot facility. To get further details on their bioenergy from algae company go to their website at www.stellarwindbioenergy.com.  There were great engineering thoughts, comments, suggestions, and camaraderie during the tour and the dinner following.  


On November 6, your local chapter Chairman, Dr. Alan Schmidt, and past Chairman, Tom Leas, manned a display for national chemistry week from 10 Am to 3 PM at the Children’s Museum.   More volunteers would have made it all work better.  We have another opportunity coming up with Engineer’s week in February; volunteers and activity suggestions are welcome.


If you have a suggestion for a speaker or a tour possibility in 2011 please contact your Chairman. 


Dr. Alan Dale Schmidt

alan.schmidt at att.net   317 233-5190 day work, 317 695-5741 cell phone






OPS Description:


Organic Power Solutions, LLC (OPS) extends long-term profit and prosperity to the

world through innovations in pyrolytic technology to achieve renewable energy.

Our advancements in pyrolysis are unmatched with our ability to process all organic

feedstock waste quickly and acquire valuable renewable by-products: electricity, pyrochar, pyro-oil and pyro-gas. OPS is able to reduce environmental and financial liability of all feedstock waste for all clients. Our pyrolytic technology is the pinnacle for present, and future, affordable energies and economic growth.  Advanced pyrolytic technology, coupled with revolutionary design gives each system a continuous feed capability, modularity for easy deployment, scalable construction ready for installation, performance under California air emission standards, and a high degree of safety. Maximum waste conversion to renewable energy is assured.


OPS harbors smart technology with innovative people to create the Organic Power

System™. Each system is American-made, factory-built and factory-tested.

Organic Power Systems process from 250 – 4,000 pounds of feedstock per hour (weight processed depends on feedstock quantity and density). The Organic Power System’s unique design sends feedstock automatically through the continuous feed system, and into an oxygen-deprived thermal vessel where temperatures from 600 – 1,500 F break down the waste into valuable by-products.  Clients use these by-products to replace reliance on fossil fuels and expensive third party energy costs. With the reduction of feedstock, clients pay reduced tipping fees and are no longer charged for fines related to waste storage and transport.  Experts at OPS have tested hundreds of feedstock for clients—all result in valuable byproducts.  Examples of feedstock include: agricultural waste, auto shredder residue, auto tires, municipal solid waste, plastics and oil sludge. Current clients from all corners of the market approach OPS with a common interest of clean, sustainable and profitable

power.  Amidst anxiety for a future without affordable energy, our renewable energy technology leads to enhanced energy security, economic growth, carbon sequestration, waste minimization and truly green energy. OPS examines fuel and energy options for clients through the use of pyrolytic technology, industrial design, detailed engineering, mechanical and electrical construction, construction management and industrial maintenance.  OPS is headquartered in Indianapolis where clients can see an Organic Power System in operation at our demonstration facility.

Best regards,

Caroline Karanja
1428 West Henry Street | Suite E, Indianapolis, IN 46221 

888.700.1088 toll-free  317.938.1221 phone  317.333.7000 fax








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