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September 2002 Monthly Meeting

The Human Genome Project

Our speaker is J. Anthony Ware, MD, Vice President, Cardiovascular Research and Clinical Investigation at Eli Lilly and Company. He will speak on the human genome project, and discuss ways in which these discoveries will eventually transform medicine, enhance the health of most, if not all, patients, and promote regeneration therapy, in which new organs and tissues can be developed from a patientsí own cells.

We will be joining Mensa for their monthly meeting. Your Indianapolis Section of AIChE Chairman, Alan, on the Executive Board of Mensa of Indiana and your AIChE editor, Lia, can vouch for Mensans being a fine group to interact with. The Mensa monthly meetings are open to the invited public. There is a $5 charge at the door to cover drinks (soda, wine, beer, juice) and a selection of vegetables and appetizer type of food. Synergy is always possible when great minds come together.

When: Friday September 13, 2000, gather at 7 pm with presentations beginning at 7:30 pm.

Where: Riley Towers, 650 N. Alabama, Indianapolis, Indiana. Park on the streets nearby and come to the second floor meeting room in the two story building between the two tall Riley Towers.

RSVP: If possible, please make a reservation with Alan Schmidt, (317) 233-5190, a few days beforehand so that food can be adjusted and we can have a list of active AIChE attendees, but if not just show up.

2002-2003 Meeting Schedule:

September 13, 2002 - The Human Genome Project - Joint meeting with Mensa

October 2002 - TBD

November 3-8, 2002 - AIChE Annual Meeting at the Indiana Convention Center

2002 AIChE Annual Meeting Update

Words from your Indianapolis Section AIChE Chairman and AIChE Annual Meeting General Arrangements Committee (GAC) Chairman, Dr. Alan D. Schmidt

Our local section November activity will be attendance at the many technical presentations and activities of the AIChE Annual Meeting at the Indiana Convention Center here in Indianapolis, Indiana. Check at for meeting details and to register for the conference and events. Additional details are at our own web site regarding the plant tours, guest tours, evening event, and local members involved in General Arrangements Committee (GAC) for the AIChE Annual Meeting.

Volunteers are needed for the on-site AIChE Annual Meeting registration. Please contact GAC On-site Registration/Finance Chair, Amanda McDaniel, Global Chemical Process R&D, Lilly Corporate Center, Indianapolis, IN 46285, (317) 276-4765

Direct any publicity suggestions to GAC Publicity Chair, Becky Smith, local AIChE Student Chapter Adviser, Eli Lilly, (317) 277-6509

There is a Sunday evening welcoming Reception, November 3 sponsored by industrial contributions. GAC Vice-chairman and GAC Welcoming Reception Chair, Tom Leas, Indiana Dept. of Commerce, Energy Policy Division, One Capitol, Suite 700, Indianapolis, IN 46204, (317) 232-8945

There are plant tours of Argonaut Technologies, Nov. 4; Eli Lilly, Nov 5; and Dow AgroSciences Nov.6. GAC Plant Tours Chair, Dr. Chris Burcham, Commercialization Technical Center, Eli Lilly and Company, Drop Code 5517, Indianapolis, IN 46285, (317) 651-6437.

The Evening event was changed to a magical evening at Magic Moments Restaurant, Wednesday November 6. GAC Chairman and Evening Event Chairman, Dr. Alan D. Schmidt, Indiana Dept of Environmental Management (IDEM), 100 N. Senate Ave., P. O. Box 6015, Indianapolis, IN 46206-6015, (317) 233-5190

Guest tours include Indianapolis indeed and Historical Homes, Nov. 4; Conner Prairie historical village Nov. 5.; and Brown County and the Oliver Winery, Nov. 6. GAC Guest Program Chair, Dr. Karl Schnelle, Dow AgroSciences, 9330 Zionsville Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46268, (317) 337-3140

GAC Program Copy Chair and local newsletter editor, Lia Treffman, (317) 847-4673

Get To Know A Member:

Your humble newsletter editor would like to apologize for the absence of the "Get To Know A Member" feature in this monthís newsletter. Since July 1st, the only people I have been "getting to know" have been Mr. and Ms., and Mr. Unemployment Office. Needless to say, Iíve been a bit preoccupied. Next monthís edition will mark the return of this feature.

Lia M. Treffman, Newsletter Editor

What You Missed - May Year-End Banquet

The Year-End Banquet was a tremendous success. The presentation by Rashid Kourndy of Charles Schwab on the long-term growth of different types of assets and the relationship of Charles Schwab with AIChE was quite interesting. For the most part, Alan even let the Schwab representative do the talking J Mr. Kourndy discussed some of the pros and cons of different styles of investing. On several occasions, he gave us the opportunity to guess which type of investment would be the best given a specific scenario. In most cases, all of our guesses were incorrect! I suppose thatís what we need them for!

We unanimously re-elected all of the officers and filled in a few blanks in the Executive Committee. This will enable us to maintain continuity as we approach the Annual Meeting in November, and will allow us to complete our recovery frrom the loss of most of the officers before last year.

We recognized Joshua Schoenherr, one of the two Purdue University students selected as recipients of the 2002 Orville K Rowe AIChE Local Section scholarship awards. The second recipient, John Kroes, was wearing a costume, and we were unable to recognize him . . . . But seriously, the second recipient was unable to attend due to prior commitments. Congratulations, again, to both of these fine young chemical engineers.

In addition, Chairman Alan Schmidt presented one local and one national award:

AIChE Indianapolis Local Section Chemical Engineer of the Year: Karl Schnelle

National AIChE Award for Outstanding Newsletter, Small Section: Lia Treffman

Lia M. Treffman, Newsletter Editor

AIChE Exchange

ICE CREAM: WEIGHT MATTERS When buying ice cream, purchase the heaviest half-gallon you can find. According to AIChE member and radio personality Bill Hammack, the right amount of air is essential. As ice cream melts, the chemicals that contain the flavor actually boil on your tongue in an elaborate sequence. The more air, the slower the melting, and the less rich the flavor. For more tasty details, visit

WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED Thanks to a partnership with Medrock, AIChE is excited to offer a new benefit to help members get medical expertise when they experience critical or complex illness in their families. For details, call 866-MEDROCK (866/633-7625) or visit THE POWER OF COFFEE While coffee itself is cause for celebration, it also repels slugs. According to the US Department of Agriculture, slugs are repelled by caffeinated soil. While a 1-2% caffeine solution is best, concentrations as low as 0.01% can work. A cup of instant coffee contains about 0.05% caffeine, and brewed coffee has even more. For the rousing details, visit:

START YOUR ENGINES: ANNUAL MEETING LINKS For information on the 2002 Annual Meeting, November 3-8, Indianapolis, Indiana, including the latest on topical conferences, Sunday short courses and tutorials, and the Institute Lecture with Robert Langer, visit:

GOLF FOR THE AGES In the early days of golf, wood clubs hit feather and leather balls across the Scottish hills. Iron clubs were used only to extract balls from cart wheel ruts. Golf so obsessed 15th Century Scotland, that the king temporarily banned the game because players were neglecting their archery practice. For today's high-tech clubs, and a chance to neglect modern responsibilities, visit,12543,201595,00.html.

SALARY SURVEY AIChE's Salary and Employment Survey is a comprehensive survey of the salary status of chemical engineers in varied specialties and industries. Salaries are also reported according to education and experience, and size, location, and business of the employer. Call 1-800-242-4363 to order.

YOUR INSTITUTE, YOUR VOTE This fall, AIChE encourages you to vote for the future of Your Engineering Society (YES), and weigh in on proposed constitutional changes. The changes will impact membership grades, leadership titles and hiring, and voting procedures. For information on the changes, visit


Local participation is always utilized to fill positions on the General Arrangements Committee (GAC). Several sub-committees make up the GAC and more volunteers are needed on these committees for this yearís meeting.

AIChE Executive Committee