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October 2004 Newsletter
Editor: Lia Treffman

October 19 Meeting
  - - Plant tour at Micronutrients
Please RSVP to Kevin Keating at keating_kevin at or 317-651-1698 by TOMORROW OCTOBER 15th (sorry about the short notice)

Micronutrients is a division of Heritage Technologies, LLC, one of 
twenty-plus privately-owned businesses which comprise The Heritage Group of 
companies, based in Indianapolis and having combined annual revenues of 
greater than $1 billion.

Micronutrients was founded on the belief that inorganic minerals could 
be economically produced in a chemical form that would satisfy the 
conflicting demands of improved food stability and excellent 
bioavailability. This was achieved by crystallizing salts with low water solubility 
but rapid reactivity in gastric fluids, which inherently have a strong 
complexing capability. Our pioneering work, demonstrating the advantages 
of basic metal salts as nutritional sources of essential trace metals 
resulted in issuance of several U.S. and international patents covering 
the use of such compounds in food, feed and fertilizers.

Their first product was basic copper chloride (trademarked Micronutrients 
TBCC®). Since being introduced in 1994, it has been very well received 
by nutritionists in commercial animal production. Benefits of using 
TBCC include reduced handling costs, improved animal growth, high 
bioavailability, less oxidative destruction of vitamins, superior blending in 
feed mixtures and reduced environmental impact. Currently it is being 
used in feed formulations for most species, including chickens, turkeys, 
pigs, beef and dairy cattle, and horses.

More recently, they have been working on commercialization of a zinc 
analog, called Micronutrients TBZC (for tetrabasic zinc chloride). Animal 
studies have shown that, like copper, its bioavailability is somewhat 
better than the corresponding sulfate salt. It has also been found more 
effective than zinc oxide as a growth promoter in baby pigs. Like TBCC, 
its low reactivity and very low hygroscopicity are advantageous in a 
feed mixture.

Their long-range goal is to design an entire family of essential trace 
mineral salts (iron, manganese, zinc and copper) with similar 
characteristics. They are pleased to play an active role in the animal feed industry 
and to continually demonstrate their commitment to this industry through 
investments in research and our ISO 9001:2000 quality system.	

Their website address is

We will be meeting there at 5:45 pm


Facility address:

1550 Research Way
Indianapolis, IN   46231

(317) 486-5880

We are located just north west of the airport.

From 465 (west side) take US 40 west.  Stay on US 40 past Girls School 
Road.  Turn right on Research Way.  (Research Way is located in the 
Washington Industrial Park.  There is a Bank One facility on the east 
corner of US 40 and Research Way.  If you go under the railroad overpass 
you have gone too far.)  Stay on Research Way.  Micronutrients is near 
the end, at the corner of Research Way and Miles Drive (on the left). 

2004 Meeting Schedule:

October 19, 2004: Plant Tour (Micronutrients)

November 6, 2004: Exhibit at the Children's Museum

December 2004: Off

January 2005: Presentation on Network Security at Optivel, Inc.

February 2005: Plant Tour 

March 24, 2005: Presentation by Hershey Foods; this meeting will be 
held in conjunction with the American Chemical Society

April 2005: Open for suggestions

May 2005:  Annual meeting of the local section


Message from the Newsletter Editor

As we enjoy this, ahem, lovely fall weather, I'd like to welcome everyone back from the AIChE "summer break." 
First, congratulations and welcome to our new officers:

Kevin Keating - Chairman of the AIChE Indianapolis Section,
Daniel Harper - Vice-Chairman
John Elliot - Secretary/Treasurer

and thank you to:
Tom Leas - 2003/2004 Chairman, for his year of service as he transitions into the role of "Past Chairman"
Alan Schmidt - 2002/2003 Chairman, 2003/2004 Past Chairman as he transitions into the role of "Really Great Guy without an executive title"
                             and continues to serve as our Government Relations Liason

Second, I'm looking forward to a great year with some really excellent programs.  I invite those of you who have not yet come to any
of our events to make the time to come hang out with some fellow Chem E's and enjoy the sessions we have planned.

Yours in service,
Lia M. Treffman

National Chemistry Week at the Indianapolis Children's Museum - November 6, 2004

The November AIChE event will be our participation in national chemistry week at 
the Indianapolis Children's Museum. This year's theme is health and wellness.
The ACS web site provided the following quote:
	"This year's National Chemistry Week focus on making
	healthy choices and being active will allow lots of
	people to live longer, healthier lives. But sometimes,
	the miracles of science have to step in and help out.
	By combining the benefits of prevention (eating well,
	exercising, and of course, not smoking) with the
	promise of scientific discovery we can ensure a
	healthier tomorrow for all of us.” 
	- Vice Admiral Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H.,
	F.A.C.S., Surgeon General, United States of America

We have already reserved a spot for AIChE.  Now all we need is a good exhibit!
If anyone (yes, we mean YOU!!!) has any thoughts on what we could do, please reply
to this email and your friendly neighborhood newsletter editor will pass them
on to the Executive Committee.

For example, we have one idea on the table:
One thing that I think about is food that used to be considered bad for 
you that is now good.  It may make an interesting poster board and 
actual samples could be in front.  Such as: tomatoes were thought to be 
poisonous since they are a member of the nightshade family, but are very 
beneficial due to lycopene.  Flavonoids from red wine or red grape juice have 
been found beneficial in raising  good HDL cholesterol level.  Dark chocolate has 
lots of antioxidants and flavinoids that are good for you.  ( 
Cranberries were thought to cause cancer, but are now seen as good for you.  
Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate has university proven anti cancer 
benefits and helps mobility and provides relief from pain.  Other 
examples could be noted.

To VOLUNTEER to help with the poster (or whatever) or to take a time slot at the table, please 
contact Dan Harper at 317-234-3615 or DHARPER at



There are interesting scientific or engineering presentations given every Monday at lunch time at Scientech except for major holidays.  On Monday, October 18 program is Tele-medicine in 3rd World Countries by Dr. Eugene Helveston.  The Scientech meetings have a $9 buffet from 11:30 to noon, introductions, and then the presentation from 12:10 to 1:00 PM.  Meetings are at the Children's Museum, 3000 N. Illinois St, Indianapolis; use the north entrance  under the Infozone sign.  Reservations are not necessary, but call Dr. Alan Schmidt, 317 233-5190, to check on any changes or for further information.

Future Meetings:
October 25, 2004 - Lou Gehrig Disease (ALS) by Dr. Robert Pascuzzi
November 1, 2004 - (tentative) Bariatric Surgery by Kim Peters
November 8, 2004 - Global Engineer by the Purdue Dean of Engineering
November 15, 2004 - (tentative) Engineer Recruitment
November 22, Waste Tire Disposal by C. Steven Poe of the Indiana Dept. of Environmental Management (IDEM)


A Senior Search Consultant with O'Brien & Roof in Columbus, Ohio would like to speak with you about the position described below. Please call during business hours for details.
A Brand name Fortune 200 company in the US is seeking a Sr Process Engineer with 7 + years of process engineering experience. This candidate must come from the dairy, food or chemical processing manufacturing environmentsA pharmaceutical mfg background would be considered (may not know the equipment from the pharma industry). The IDEAL candidate would have 10 Yrs plus of process engineering, with a Chemical Engineering degree, come from a dairy processing background, be familiar with Clean In Process (CIP`s) and be relocatable to the Midwest. This client will also consider a Project Engineering background with a Mechanical Engineering degree, especially, if they come from one of the industries described below. Duties consist of troubleshooting the overall system 70% and installing equipment, modifying systems as needed and providing maintenance to the equipment 30%.
The product arena is nutritional supplements. Candidates from the following companies may have the kind of experience required: Meade Johnson, Pfizer, Kraft Foods, Del Monte Foods, Nestle, Group Danone, Parmalat, Dean Foods, Borden, Pet Foods, Meadow Gold, Land O Lakes, Dairy Farmers of America, California Dairies, Century Foods, Foremost Farms, Gerber, etc.  
This position will work a first shift with occasional late shift work when a project requires it. The Sr Process Eng position is open due to the previous incumbent being promoted to Corp HQ. The base salary is a range starting at a low of 75K to 83K + profit sharing of 5-9% (P.S. has been running at the high end of the scale). Benefits are among the top 10 in the US among all companies. There is also a strong career growth path with this company in a very stable working environment. My client is looking for someone that will make a long term commitment that will match their own commitment to their employees.
If you call and are put into my voice mail please leave me a cell or daytime number and he will get back to you.
For more information contact:
O'Brien & Roof
Senior Search Consultant
Tom Langsdon
614-766-8500 Phone
614-766-8505 Fax

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