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April 2007 Newsletter

Editor: Kevin Keating


March Meetings -- Special Speaker / Dinner Meeting


Presentation: Clean Stream Team presentation given by Bob Masbaum from the Engineering Division, Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW)


Date: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 – Note Wednesday date!


Schedule:  5:30 PM for Dinner. 


Description - The next AIChE meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 25, 2007, 5:30 p.m. at Buca Di Beppo Italian Restaurant (www.bucadibeppo.com), 35 North Illinois Street, Indianapolis. This will be a dinner followed with a presentation by Bob Masbaum from the Engineering Division, Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW). He will talk about the Clean Stream Team (www.indycleanstreams.org) and the city’s long-term plan to significantly reduce raw sewage overflows from the combined sewer system into the White River and other neighborhood streams. The city has agreed to invest $1.73 billion by December 2025 to fix the problem. Recently, the Pogues Run Tunneling Project, one of the early-action projects, was named the 2007 Indiana Civil Engineering Project of the Year by the Indiana Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Location:   Buca Di Beppo Italian Restaurant (www.bucadibeppo.com), 35 North Illinois Street, Indianapolis.

RSVP:   Please RSVP by April 23rd to Dan Harper at dharper at dem.state.in.us or at 317/234-3615.   


Price: $10 for members, $5 for Students - Dinner meals are family style.  Drinks are extra.


2006/2007 Meeting Activities for Indianapolis Section of American Institute of Chemical Engineers:

April, 2007

Speaker - Clean Stream Team presentation by Bob Masbaum

May, 2007

Meeting - Election of Officers and Awards

June, 12 2007

Joint AIChE/ACS Meeting - Eyal H. Barash, Patent Lawyer, RSVP: June 7, Marty White: (317)-276-4506


From the Chairman….
Come hear about the Big Dig in Indianapolis involving a 224-million gallon tunnel that will be built several hundred feet below the ground surface to be discussed at our next AIChE meeting. At our previous AIChE meeting, there was a well rounded discussion of job experiences presented to about 20 chemical engineering students at the Purdue AIChE local section. The presenters consisted of Tom Leas, Kevin Keating, Mo Behbahani, and Steve Kessel. Experiences that were briefly discussed ranged from coal gasification and energy use, recycling, pharmaceutical batch and continuous reactors, syngas-to-chemicals research, changing roles that chemical engineers may do, perspectives on starting a new company, and education requirements. You will enjoy being around other engineers.            
Thomas E. Leas PE
Chairman, Indianapolis Section of AIChE  

The Boston Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (Ichthyologists of Boston www.aiche-boston.org) will be hosting the 2007 Leadership Development Conference (LDC) on June 8 – June 10. This event is for AIChE officers from local section to attend. It provides excellent networking opportunity with AIChE Board members, national office staff, and local section officers as well as helping local sections to develop new program opportunities. We are looking for local companies who can help sponsor to send at least one officer from the Indianapolis Section. Sponsorships will be recognized at the meeting. If you have any questions about the 2007 LDC, now or anytime, I invite you to contact me. We greatly appreciate your input. 


Thomas E. Leas PE

Chairman, Indianapolis Section of AIChE           

Highlights from AIChE

Visit the www.AIChE.org web site to find information, visit forums, renew membership or find benefits, career listings, and other advice from our national headquarters.  Current items include:

Job Hunting?
CareerEngineer is still the only job posting system built exclusively for chemical engineers. New listings appear daily. Be sure to visit CareerEngineer at http://www.aiche.org/apps/careerengineer/index.asp.

Also from AIChE National

·         2007 Spring National Meeting, AIChE 2007 National Meeting, April 22-27, Hilton Americas Houston, Houston, TX

Highlights of this meeting will include the 3rd Global Congress on Process Safety (featuring the 22nd CCPS International Conference, the 41st Loss Prevention Symposium, and the 9th Process Plant Safety Symposium), the 19th Annual Ethylene Producers Conference and more than a dozen individual topical specialty conferences. In addition, there will be the collocated yet separate2007 AIChE-ACS Management Conference taking place on the tail end (April 25-27) of the Spring Meeting.  Call for Papers is NOW open


·         2007 AIChE-ACS Management Conference , April 25-27, 2007, Houston Hilton, Houston, TX

"Managing CPI Energy and Raw Materials Uncertainties in a Global Context"   This conference will address the energy-related challenges facing the global chemical and related industries. 


·         The AIChE 2007 Annual Meeting, November 4-9, 2007, Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, UT

The Call for Papers is now open …. See the AIChE national website!

The 2007 AIChE Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City offers a unique capacity to focus on a comprehensive participation and learning experience over the full range and diversity of the profession.

Call for Officers – Indianapolis AIChE

We are looking for members who would like to become officers for the 2007-2008 year including those wishing to start the climb to the role of Section Chairmanship.  There are committee chair openings, if you can help or have an interest, the officers will help you with a committee.

Science and Engineering Presentations:
Scientech meetings are held nearly every Monday at the Children’s Museum. They begin at 11:30 am with a buffet luncheon ($9.00). Announcements and introductions are at noon, followed by the presentation which continues to 1 pm.


Calendar of Events


Scientech meetings are held nearly every Monday at the Children’s Museum. They begin at 11:30 am with a buffet luncheon ($9.00). Announcements and introductions are at noon, followed by the presentation which continues to 1 pm. Some meetings may be replaced with a tour of some place of interest, usually on a major holiday. Any exceptions are noted in the calendar listing below.


Following are the meetings scheduled for the near future:
Monday April 16 – Life at a Distance - Nelson Shaffer, Indiana Geological Survey
Could life on earth (or elsewhere) have been engendered by electronic contact? Could such an event explain the left-handed nature of biological molecules? How can very ancient DNA be preserved and how can we investigate such early indicators of life? So many questions; so little time!


Monday April 23 – Backpacking in Australia and New Zealand - Bill Stanley
Join Bill Stanley on trips along the major hiking trails on the South Island of New Zealand and the mountains of Tasmania and to several spots in the Red Center and Kimberly outback of Australia. There will a bonus announcement of great interest to the older members of the Club.

Monday April 30 – Genetic Testing - The Future of Medicine & Health – Dr. Glenn Bingle - A review of the major developments in genetic testing as it relates to the practice of medicine and healthcare.

Monday May 7 – Habitat for Humanity Building after Katrina – John Peer
In March 2006, ten volunteers from Habitat for Humanity of Greater Indianapolis traveled to New Orleans to help the local affiliate build two houses in the Upper Ninth Ward. A similar trip was repeated in January and March 2007 to Waveland, MS which was the landfall of Katrina. The presentation will be a Power Point travelogue with photos of the house building efforts as well as the general destruction from the hurricane.

Future Talks:
May 14 - What We Do at Riley Hospital
May 21 - Glimpsing the Mysteries of Sleep
May 28 - Memorial Day. No Meeting.
June 4 - BioCrossroads


For further details contact Dr. Alan Schmidt at(317) 233-5190 or 865-3545.  For later Monday programs check the Scientech calendar at www.scientechclub.org 

Fellow Chemists:  The Indiana Section of the American Chemical Society is proud to announce its newly refurbished Indiana Section Website… http://membership.acs.org/i/indiana/index.html


April 17

Dinner & Talk
"Molecular Science: Misconceptions
and Simple Truths"



Awards Ceremony


June 12

Joint AIChE/ACS Meeting




2007 Officers